Wedding Dress Shopping

Picking out your wedding dress should be one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding.


Finding that special dress is so important.


There are some things that can help make the shopping process easier and more fun.

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Wedding dresses come in all shapes –

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A wedding dress cheat sheet might be helpful.

Know which lingerie is the best for the dress you choose.

Another thing to consider when dress shopping is what to take/wear to make the process easier.

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Above all – have fun and enjoy the process!!!



Finally!!! Call Now to Make an Appointment to Shop!

After lots of set-backs and some changes, Your Special Day is finally ready for you to shop!!!  It will be a work in progress and will constantly be changing but that just means you will get to keep coming back!!!

Dress Room

Dress Room

Dress Room

Dress Room

Dress Room

Front Room

Front Room

Front Room

Front Room

Call today!!!  Let me know what you are looking for and I can make sure that it is easy to view!

If you have several people who want to come I can set things up downstairs in the ballroom!!!

Your shopping experience should be all about you!

Do All of Your Wedding Shopping in 1 Location

Shopping for all of the items you need for a wedding can be a bit overwhelming.

However, if you can get everything you need for your big day in one location, it would be much easier.



Your Special Day is designed to give you the full wedding shopping experience with less hassle.  Everything from dresses to dishes is available to buy (some items are rental only) in one location.  Since shopping is by appointment only, you will receive one-on-one attention!




Items will change regularly since this is a consignment store.  Don’t let the idea of consignment trick you into thinking it is old stuff.  Many of the items in the store are brand new!!!

Pen & Holder


Call today to schedule your easy wedding shopping experience!!!


After the Wedding….

Weddings are so much fun!!!  Weeks, months, even years of planning all go into the big event.

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Big weddings, small weddings, church weddings, destination weddings – they all have one thing in common:  STUFF!!!


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Ceremony Items:

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Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 9.08.13 PM

And, of course, dresses:

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 9.09.34 PM

All of the items that you purchase for your special day often end up collecting dust after the event.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 3.22.01 PM

Your Special Day is here to help!!!  You can bring in all of those items from your big day (you have pictures!!!) and sell them on consignment.

If you are still in the planning stages you can buy items that are practically new at a great price.  You can even rent some items!!

Shopping is all by appointment so you are guaranteed to receive personal attention and help while you plan out your special day!!


Buy-Sell-Rent for any Event